we know how tough it can be when you are starting out.

We’ve previously worked for many design, web, digital and branding agencies that charged a fortune, did not offer a clear story or real marketing plan for businesses or startups in order to publish a website.

Delivering low-quality design, stories, a marketing strategy that simply did not work. And by work, we mean – it did not help them grow their business. Attract customers. Generate leads.

We thought there had to be another way. A way of hacking the process of getting an online presence for the start-up or small business at an affordable price.

A service that offered great design, that did not use templates, or even worse stole time from the business owner trying to navigate building their website on their own, with an online tool such as Squarespace or Wix.

That’s why we took our branding knowledge, copywriting expertise and website user experience smarts to create OneWeekMarketing.

We hope we can help you with a clear message. A beautiful website to help you stand out. And help you generate growth and afford you the time to concentrate on building your empire.


our experience

We’ve been working in the design, marketing and digital space since 2003 in various guises. We’ve worked with some of the largest known brands in the UK, worked for some of the leading marketing and advertising agencies in the UK and now we’re transferring all of that knowledge to help start-ups, side hustlers and small businesses in the UK and Europe.

Baz Jobson. One Week Marketing.
OWW #01

I setup OneWeekMarketing to help start-ups, side hustlers and small businesses get noticed. If you have any questions, email me on and we can discuss your business idea and potential.

one team.

Our team are all based here in the UK and all come from different walks of life and experience. Combined we are a tour de force who are excited and passionate about making your business stand out and beat the competition!


Currently, we have no vacancies. You can follow us on Instagram where our latest vacancies will be posted first.


Sometimes we use freelancers to work with us on certain projects. If you feel you’d be the perfect fit for the OneWeekWebsite team, send us your details on