You’ve built a shiny new website. You either paid a handsome fee to a website designer or were bold and brave and built it yourself (hats off to you!).

It looks great. It matches your brands colour palette. You’ve even had some business cards created with your URL printed on.

It goes live, but alas – nobody comes.

Here are the 5 main reasons your website is still invisible to those you really want to engage with.

1. You have no traffic, due to poor content. What does this mean?

  • Well, it means that your website in its current state is not using words or descriptive sentences that are ensuring you rank on Google Search results. It’s not optimised for the search phrases that customers are typing into Google. Write simple sentences, that include your keywords and write it for a human to easily understand and NOT Google robots! Need help with writing the words that will convert? Go here.

2. Your website is not secure. What does this mean?

  • You may have noticed that website URL now starts with https and not just HTTP. Or, you’ve noticed when you’re on a website in Google Chrome (or any other browser), you get a message that says something like ‘Not secure’. You need a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. This basically helps protect your website better, and more importantly, it tells Google that you are trying to make your website more secure. This scores massive brownie points with Mr Google. Need help getting your website on to an SSL and the all-important https before your URL Get in touch.

3. Customers are not sure what you actually do!

  • This sounds counter-intuitive, but do not assume that customers know instantly and easily what it is, you actually do or sell by viewing your homepage. You know your product or service through-and-through, but you would be surprised at what customers (especially if busy and easily distracted) think about you by quickly scanning your website. Does the headline instantly tell the browser what you do? How it will benefit them in their life? Does the image communicate what you do? Learn more about what should be ‘above the fold’ on your website here.

4. Your website is SLOW. What does this mean?

  • Google is looking at how quick your website is. If you have lots of images, lots of words that are causing the website to load slowly, they will mark you down. Make sure your website is optimised to load quickly. Your web developer should be able to do this for you.

5. You have browsers, but they do not buy. What does this mean?

  • Your website has gone live, and you have secured some good traffic because you have a strong social media game, or paid adverts funnelling people into your website – but still, no people buy or connect. Have you told these visitors what they need to do to connect with you? This could be as simple as making the button large, in a bold vivid colour so it stands out with really simple words such as ‘Buy Here’, ‘Schedule a Call’. Keep it simple! People are busy.

We hope you get the customers you deserve and your traffic increases with some of these tips.

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