It’s the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere today. A time for new beginnings, ideas, growth.

A suitable day I thought, to publish a side-project that we’ve been tinkering with.

It’s called OneWeekMarketing.

Focusing on startups, side-hustlers and any small businesses that are struggling with their marketing messaging and getting a professional website live. Those individuals and small teams that are unsure of going down the ‘web agency’ route. Too consumed by the business to spend too much time building a website themselves in Squarespace or Wix.

We want to get small businesses online and have a real presence.

We want to give our customers a clear marketing story. All the copy and content professionally written and created purely to convert browsers of your website into potential buyers.

If you’re looking to get online. Or worse still, are already online but seeing no traffic or visitor interaction, then we can help you get ahead.

Don’t let your business be invisible anymore. It’s time to start growing. It’s time to ensure your great business idea sees the light of day.