Jazz Cafe. Camden Locks. London. A rare date night with the wife. We’re here to watch the amazingly talented Binkbeats from Holland. AKA Frank Wienk.

The artist became known the wider world through the BoilerRoom unraveled video series, where he reconstructed J Dilla tunes, Aphex Twin tunes and played them live with his own twist.

Check out his amazing version of ‘Getting There’ by Flying Lotus:

Playing numerous instruments. Looping all of them. The timing. The sound. All created by one individual.

It was a great gig and made me think about solo business owners, small business owners, side hustlers – all trying to master many skills on their own to run their business until they have the resource to upskill, recruit. In the meantime – getting help where possible to create your symphony is tough.

Are you going to go solo, and master all the instruments? Or will you call in help?